Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: Doyle Avenue Pizzeria

Doyle Avenue Pizzeria
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Doyle Avenue Pizzeria is a relatively new pizza spot, having taken the location previously occupied by Johnny's Seafood & Pizza. Doyle's pizza is fairly average -- there's nothing in particular to complain about, but it's nothing special, either. It is unfortunate that they do not offer an extra large pizza, because their large is smaller than some competitors' biggest pies. In addition to pizza, their menu also includes calzones, sandwiches, salads and several chicken dishes. If you're nearby, give them a try, but we don't recommend traveling far for Doyle Avenue pizza. Three Stars

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Slices: no.
Delivery: $8 minimum within 1 mile, otherwise $15 minimum
Large cheese: $8.50

(401) 273-5660
114 Doyle Avenue
Providence, RI 02906


Anonymous said...

Give Doyle ave another try they have come a long way in the last few months. The pizza is great, not greasy. Another great bonus is that they don't cook with pork products.

Anonymous said...

I was a little skeptical when I ordered pizzas and calzones from Doyle Ave for a party, because of this over all review, but a friend of mine reminded me that it was under new management and that everything was good so I ordered. I had no complaints at all from my gests. They only had good things to say. The person answering the phone helped me with the wide selection of specialty pizzas and large calzones that could feed a small family, the prices are resonable and you must try the huge steak calzones or great greek pizza. I give Doyal Ave pizza a 10+!

Anonymous said...

I have ordered from Doyle Ave Pizza numerous times and always have warm good food delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, their customer service is great.

Anonymous said...

I agree. They are consistent and curteous - not gourmet, but if you're eating pizza and grinders . . neither are you.

Anonymous said...

calzones are the best,greek lady working thre knows her stuff and will make food yhat is not even mentioned on the menu!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a roommate that always orders pizza from victoria's. If you took a birch wood toothpick and chewed on it for as long as 30 minutes that would be equivalent to eating victoria's pizza. Thank You Doyle Av!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Doyle Pizza is awesome. They are consistently fast, consistently good, and relatively speaking, quite cheap. I prefer thin crust pizza, and this is the best non-thin crust I've had. It's actually just as good as good thin crust, it's just a little different. I you want a really good plain cheese pizza, try this. I also really like these guys. They appreciate their regulars.