Friday, March 28, 2008

Toronto Pizza Review: Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza
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*** Pizza reviewer Sam reports from Toronto ***

So I just visited my girlfriend in Toronto, and as a true blooded
American pizza dogg I had to see what the great snowy north offered in the way of pizza. To keep things on the level I decided to hit the few famous spots in town as well as the local chains. It's worth mentioning the Toronto pizza community’s conception of a slice. If you order a slice in Toronto you get one huge slice that amounts to 1/3 to 1/4 of the pie. This monster slice is cut in half and you essentially get two slices for the price of one. In terms of economics, it usually turns out that each "slice" costs as much as two regular slices in the states. It’s a weird deal, and it becomes frustrating when you’re trying to just grab a single slice snack during mid-day.

My first stop was local chain Pizza Pizza. Overall I found that the pizza was pretty average, which, considering the number of locations, gives Pizza Pizza a bump. As far as large chain pizza goes in Toronto, this might be it. It is more typical in Canada to get your slice served with wings, salad or french fries. I didn’t really try any of these options, and just opted for a standard cheese slice and a C+ (a Canadian orange soda with extra vitamin C). The slice was smaller than most I encountered in Toronto. Overall, it was nothing to write home about. The crust was a little crackery, the sauce a little plain, but the was cheese pretty good. This is sort of all glazed over when you realize that no matter where you are in Toronto, you can grab one of these slices and be happier than if you had hit a smaller competitor. Toronto’s pizza scene is pretty weak in terms of quality, and with this in mind I give Pizza Pizza three stars for its availability and consistently decent quality. Three Stars

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(416) 967-1111
580 Jarvis Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 2H9

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