Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chicago Pizza Review: Humboldt Pie

Humboldt Pie
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Humboldt Pie is a cafe that has the good sense to include pizza on the menu. Its pies are pretty thin and square-cut, with above average sauce. The biggest problem with Humboldt Pie's pizza is its overuse of herbs. When applied selectively, herbs and spices are a great way to enhance the flavor of a pizza. Carpet-bombing the pie with clusters of herbs, however, overwhelms the palate and prevents the other great pizza flavors from emerging, ruining the entire eating experience. Including an excess of herbs is an easy way to mask poor ingredients in a pizza. Humboldt Pie's sauce, crust and cheese are all satisfactory, though, so it's a shame they bombard their pies with a glut of herbs. Three Stars

See more pictures of Humboldt Pie pizza here.

(773) 342-4743
1001 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60622


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