Saturday, March 29, 2008

Toronto Pizza Review: 2-4-1 Pizza

2 4 1 Pizza
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2-4-1 is another large Toronto pizza chain. First of all, the spot I hit did not have any cheese slices on deck. Now, I don’t want to make any generalizations here but when I asked the guy for a cheese he said they “only made them during the lunch rush”. NO CHEESE?! What is wrong with this place? I guess when you leave the "beer store" and you're about to put your tuque back on, cheese just won’t due. Maybe the prime-minister can set the whole mess straight for this yankee. I settled for a pep slice, that was truly "2-4-1." Taking up a full quarter of the pie, I was stoked. This pizza was pretty average for chain pizza, but it was cheap. The crust was puffy, the sauce negligible, and the cheese stringy. It was fine for late night eating, and all the better considering the price. Three Stars

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Cammie said...

They may not have cheese, but their pepperoni is pretty darn good!

And it's spelled tuque:P