Saturday, February 23, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: Sicilia's Pizzeria

Sicilia's Pizzeria
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Sicilia's Pizzeria makes three different kinds of pizza: thin crust, regular crust (pictured here) and stuffed pizza. The thin and regular crust offerings are nothing to write home about; both left an unwanted aftertaste. The stuffed pizza (pictured here, here and here) is another matter entirely, containing cheese and any additional toppings inside the crust, with marinara sauce on top. The stuffed pizzas are delicious, as well as a great value. A medium cheese stuffed pizza is $10.99, but weighs enough to feed one person for a whole day. In addition to their pies, Sicilia's offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads and sandwiches. Sicilia's delivers, but it often takes up to an hour for the food to arrive. We recommend Sicilia's stuffed pies, but can't say the same about their other pizzas. The thin and regular crust pies drag the restaurant down to a 3-star rating. Three Stars

See more pictures of Sicilia's pizza here.

(401) 273-9222
181 Atwells Avenue
Providence, RI 02903


Roger Williams said...

God, I think I'd starve to death without Sicilia's. I've had better pizza, sure, but they're close to where I live, and they deliver in a hurry when I don't feel like cooking.

M said...

I LOVE their stuffed pizzas. They have a totally different crust from a "regular" pizza, they taste great, and as the reviewer said they are a great value.