Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: Saki's Pizza

Saki's Pizza
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At just $1.25 a slice, Saki's Pizza is certainly affordable. Keep in mind, however, that affordability is pretty much all you're going to get. Eating Saki's pie is indeed a challenge, and each additional slice pollutes your digestive system even more than the previous one. The sauce is difficult to describe, but "really bad" is an accurate (and lazy) label. The crust carries an unfortunate flavor and lacks consistent form. The cheese is also a culprit, but its crimes are minor compared to the rest of this atrocity. We appreciate inexpensive pie and are willing to overlook certain shortcomings if the pizza is cheap enough, but Saki's is simply a disaster. Pizza Queen, by no means a hub for luxury pie, is about a block away; unless price is the sole determinant of your pizza decisions, choose the Queen over Saki's. One Star

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(401) 831-1299
199 Weybosset Street
Providence, RI 02903


JL said...

I believe it's Saki's Pizza. But really bad, that's for sure, and often kind of a freak show as well.

Anonymous said...

yep. Its Saki's and has been a Providence institution for many years. the pizza sucks but the violence is always entertaining.