Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: LaSalle Pizzeria

LaSalle Pizzeria
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LaSalle Pizzeria is located on Smith Street near Elmhurst. They claim to be the official pizza of Rhode Island College, and sometimes it seems RIC -- not the food -- is the main focus at LaSalle. The pizza is fairly run-of-the-mill. While nothing wows or offends, there were a few too many air bubbles in the pie. By far the weirdest part of LaSalle Pizzeria was that they cut the pizza into ten slices. Not only is the 36° slice a bizarre angle, but it is difficult to make the five cuts even enough to ensure roughly uniform slices. Another quirk: rather than dispensing Coke or Pepsi, LaSalle's vending machine serves the mysteriously labeled "Cola." Perhaps a reader can shed light on this. In any event, LaSalle is a fine option for tasty, if ordinary, pizza. Three Stars

See more pictures of LaSalle Pizzeria here.

(401) 228-3004
1005 Smith Street
Providence, RI 02908

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Anonymous said...

LaSalle Pizzeria is my favorite local place to get pizza. The staff are great and other than just cheese pizzas - there have the BBQ Chicken Pizza which is my favorite. They have other great flavors.

They just added a wheat crust that is worthy of top praise.

As far as the soda - I asked about this too. The owner - Tim Lloyd - tried to get coke in there - but they did not want to put a coke fountain system in the store. So - he put in his own LaSalle Cola and feature their own line of bottled soda that really rock. My favorite is the cream soda and proceeds from the sale of the soda go to benefit local charities.