Sunday, April 6, 2008

Toronto Pizza Review: Papa Ceo Pizza

Papa Ceo Pizza
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*** Final Toronto review ***

After a solid couple of slices I headed next door to Papa Ceo’s. Once again a cheese slice was “garlic,” but at this point I had “gotten on the trolley” as they say. One bite in to this poorly re-heated slice and I knew that Canadian pizza-heads must be crazy. The sauce was gross, the cheese oily, and the crust had the consistency of a saltine. Furthermore, when we walked into the store Blazing Saddles was on TV and the guy working changed the channel to a Soccer game (while this does not affect my review of the pizza I had to throw it in). The slice was acceptable -- and if Pizza Cora wasn’t right there I might hit it for a lazy lunch -- but why bother when a better option is right next door. Two Stars

Click here for more pictures of Papa Ceo pizza.

(416) 916-2222
654 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 2H7

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