Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stadium Pizza Review: Palermo's Pizza at Miller Park

We recently stopped by Milwaukee to see a Brewers game at Miller Park. In addition to seeing an exciting game, we were given a natural opportunity to try some ballpark pizza. The Brewers are exclusively served by Palermo's Pizza, an unusual arrangement since most stadium pizza comes from Domino's, Papa John's or Pizza Hut. Early in the game, a few fans in the row ahead of us returned to their seats with Palermo's. At first glance, the pizza appeared to be highly promising, given ballpark standards. Those hopes were dashed, however, when we got our own pies and actually tasted the atrocity. While the cheese and crust were nothing special, the sauce is the real culprit. It tasted so unappetizingly sweet that it rivaled low-grade bake-at-home pizza. Even for stadium pizza, this was an embarrassing performance. Upon returning home and conducting a bit of internet research, everything started to make sense: Palermo's is bake-at-home pizza! Oh well. Brewers fans are advised to stick with peanuts when attending games, or fulfill their pizza hunger before arriving at Miller Park. One Star

See more pictures of Palermo's Pizza at Miller Park here.

1 Brewers Way
Milwaukee, WI 53214


Steve M. said...

The pizza in the stadium is hit or miss, but I guess it is stadium food. But...i gotta say that their pizzas from the grocery stores are frickin amazing. My favorite is the primo thin pep.

Anonymous said...

Palermo's is indeed the best frozen pizza ever made

Anonymous said...

Palermo's intimidated it's workers for daring to form a union. They have called in the Immigration Service to do audits and posted the following sign outside their building (in both english and spanish), "A union will not change your immigration status, only the right papers will." Boycott thugs who threaten workers. Tell them there are better companies to do business with.