Monday, April 14, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: Fellini Pizzeria

Fellini Pizzeria
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Fellini Pizzeria, located just off I-195 on Providence's East Side, specializes in gourmet pizzas, much like its neighbor on Wickenden, Pizza Pie-er. The two are just blocks apart, but their pizzas are quite different. Fellini's expansive slices have a thin crust with limited cheese and sauce, in the form of New York-Neapolitan. The pizzeria features high quality crust, sauce and cheese, all of which contribute to its fairly high prices. A basic pie will cost you $15, but their specialty pizzas are $20. Fortunately, a $2 coupon is often available from the restaurant's web site. Like Pie-er, Fellini slices survive refrigeration with ease, maintaining their flavor and consistency. (Their white pie, in fact, tastes better cold than warm.) Those who enjoy a typical pizza-eating atmosphere may scoff at Fellini's environment, which feels slightly upscale, but you can't find a better thin crust pizza in the area. Four Stars

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(401) 751-6737
166 Wickenden Street
Providence, RI 02906


Anonymous said...

Nice Slice on Thayer rises far about the tarted up mediocrity you find at Fellini's, and instead of endless Frank Sinatra tunes, you get cool island jams.

Anonymous said...

"but you can't find a better thin crust pizza in the area" =WRONG

Nice Slice is what Fellini's used to be before it was sold and more.. not to mention better quality and cheaper.

this blog is kind of weird.

Anonymous said...

nice slice is just a fellini rip-off!!! you cant compare the two!! nice slice might be cheaper...but you can tell in the quality!! i find FELLINI'S to be the best pizza in town!! all fresh cut veggies, and a great selection!! i was in there tonight...Monday and the two girls behind the counter were GREAT!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FELLINIS!!!

Anonymous said...

the person that posted above this is obviously a Fellini's employee or family of the owners or something, pay no mind to false advertising. if you know anything about the history of Fellinis you know that all the soul went out of that place a long time ago and found a new home at Nice Slice. there really is no comparison.