Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seattle Pizza News: More Than You Wanted To Know About Safeco Field Pizza

As part of a Mariners Q&A column, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer fields an unlikely pizza-related question:
Q: How come the Garlic Jim's pizza, new at Safeco Field this season, does not taste as good as the pizza served by Garlic Jim's restaurants and outlets?

AG: There are considerable challenges in cranking out mini-pizzas in the numbers required at Safeco. Ross R. Marzoff, director of local marketing for the Everett-based chain, says almost all the ingredients in the Safeco mini-pizzas are identical to those used in its retail outlets -- with one significant difference. The crusts for the Safeco mini-pizzas use Garlic Jim's dough but are partially prebaked by an outside contractor (monitored by Garlic Jim's). Marzoff does say that efforts are under way to "greatly enhance the flavor of our mini-pizza crust." Cheese and pepperoni versions are offered on the 100 and 300 levels of Safeco, while those on the pricier 200 suite level can choose from four additional varieties: sausage, gourmet garlic, veggie and ultimate. Contrary to what the Garlic Jim's name might suggest, no garlic is used in its pizzas other than the gourmet garlic.

Even if the Safeco pies fail to match their typical pizzas, we imagine Garlic Jim's still offers a major improvement over Papa John's reign of terror in years past. Of course, we'll withhold official judgment until we attend an M's game.

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