Friday, March 21, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: Olympic Pizza

Olympic Pizza
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Olympic Pizza may or may not be in Providence. Some maps place it a few blocks into Cranston, but we're going to count it as a Providence pizza review. Located on Broad Street in South Elmwood, Olympic Pizza offers grinders, egg grinders, salads, spaghetti, steaks, seafood and chicken items in addition to their pizza. The pie suffers from subpar cheese and sauce, while the crust is slightly crunchy and carries a noticeable flavor. Despite the inferior ingredient quality, the pizza itself is decent. A major advantage is Olympic Pizza's prices -- the menu says $9.75 for a large cheese, but in our experience it costs even less than that. If you're near the South Side and want inexpensive pizza, consider giving Olympic Pizza a try. Three Stars

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Slices: no.
Delivery: yes.
Large cheese: $9.75

(401) 781-1250 or 781-5999
1323 Broad Street
Providence, RI 02905


joe said...

Olympic Pizza is most certainly in Providence, and one of my favorite local pizza places. Great value and good pizza.

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Olympic Pizza is one of my favorite foods is the richest I've ever tasted they recommend to all pizza lovers!

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