Friday, March 28, 2008

Toronto Pizza Review: Mrs. Vanelli's Pizza

Mrs. Vanelli's Pizza
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*** Another Toronto dispatch from Sam ***

Mall pizza was a staple of my pizza diet for a solid decade in my early suburban life (what’s flomin' Sbarro?) and for this reason I tried out my girlfriend’s mall pizza history with Mrs. Vanelli’s at the Eaton Centre (why the misplaced “e,” Canadians?). This pizza was terrible. It seriously was worse than a Red Baron pie that I could bake at home. The ingredients were deplorable, service shitty (it took me 5 minutes for my slice to be re-cooked) and the cost high. Furthermore when you get used to getting a big slice cut in half, you feel slighted when it doesn't happen. I got this slice with some fries which were even worse than the pizza. I know mall pizza is usually substandard, but this was truly awful. One Star

See more pictures of Mrs. Vanelli's pizza here.

(416) 599-7922
1 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON

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