Saturday, April 5, 2008

Toronto Pizza Review: Cora Pizza

Cora Pizza
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The only non-chain local pizza that I ate during my time in Toronto was on Spadina Ave in between Glen Morris and Harbord. PaPa Ceo’s Pizza, and Cora Pizza are two tiny little pizza shops sitting right next to each are supposedly both some of the best in the Toronto area. In part because of their location -- and partly probably for press -- these two spots are supposedly arch-rivals. So for a pizza-head or a Torontonian a decision seemed necessary. Despite previous attempts, I felt that another opinion was necessary.

Cora Pizza is a solid slice. It's not perfect but by far the best I had in Toronto. One weird thing about both of these places is that neither sells cheese slices but rather “garlic” slices. I guess this concept makes the food feel more interesting and appeals to the topping propensity of the Canadian Pizza scene. Basically it was a solid slice, nice cheese, solid sauce, and a nice crust that fold properly without being a floppy mess. As is common in Toronto, one slice is cut into two, to make two smaller slices and price is about on par with most pizza spots. Overall a nice spot, with a great slice for a fair price. Four Stars

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(416) 922-1188
656A Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 2H7

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