Saturday, March 29, 2008

Providence Pizza Review: Antonio's Pizza

Antonio's Pizza
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Antonio's Pizza is located on Thayer Street near the Brown campus. They are known for their unusual slice offerings, such as black bean taco, avocado quesadilla and chicken pesto tortellini. Unfortunately, their basic pie offerings leave much to be desired. The cheese is shoddy, the sauce is lousy and the crust is unacceptably chewy. Anybody in search of high quality conventional pizza should walk the extra block to Via Via IV, which is just around the corner on Meeting Street. Indeed, comparing each restaurant's white slice is particularly instructive. The Via Via slice is a marvel, beautifully crafted and uncommonly delicious. The Antonio's variety, on the other hand, tastes cheap and unfulfilling by comparison. If you prefer pizza topped (tarnished, in this writer's opinion) with tortilla chips or avocado, Antonio's may be what you're looking for. And to its credit, the restaurant offers the increasingly rare Sicilian slice. But at the end of the day, the quality of its pie fails to impress. Three Stars

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Slices: extensive selection, but they often taste like they've been sitting out all day.
Delivery: no.
Large cheese: $9

(401) 455-3600
258 Thayer Street
Providence, RI


Anonymous said...

Your right: Antonio's is crap pizza, topped with a steaming pile of crap ingredients. Suitable only for drunken frat boys and midwestern hillbillies. Eating at Antonio's is unforgivable, especially when there is the uncompromising and sublime Nice Slice across the road! Via Via is a drug front, not a pizza parlor.

Anonymous said...

Antonio's is pizza for people that have never fully developed taste buds.. its like they never hit puberty and still think that Ellios frozen pizza is the best they can get.

Linda said...

Wow, I can't believe the reviews of Antonio's... I've been eating there for years and have never had a problem. With the pizza or the friendly service I always receive. The ingredients are interesting and uncommon. But I guess Antonio's may just be for those with adventurous taste buds... anyone looking for something other than the usual cheese, meats, and veggie toppings.

Anonymous said...

Linda, if by "adventurous tastebuds" you mean a willingness to put up with poor quality ingredients (cheap processed cheese, flavorless tomato sauce) and ill-conceived combinations (a taco on a pizza) then Antonio's pizza is for the adventurous. For the rest of us, "debased" is more apt.

kj said...

Antonio's pizza is fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

"Debased," eh? I guess some people just can't grasp the concept of fusion food or innovation. Have fun with that narrow mind of yours.

I agree that the quality of their toppings isn't the best, but they're not bad by any means, and whatever I've gotten, I've always liked. More than I can say for a lot of places.

Anonymous said...

"whatever I've gotten, I've always liked".

That's exactly the attitude you need for eating the shit they serve at Antonio's. Steaming piles of reheated cheap and nasty "toppings" do not constitute either "food fusion" or "innovation".

Anonymous said...

I've never experienced finer pizza, in terms of variety, innovation, taste. In fact, I'm using this post vs. the true antonio's experience as a case study for my class in Food Criticism in America I'm teaching this spring semester. It's a beautiful illustration of reality vs. critical hysteria... subjective experience vs. dominant pizza.

Anonymous said...
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