Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Austin Pizza Review: East Side Pies

East Side Pies
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So when you think of killer pizza you do not really think of Austin, Texas. Yeah, I know it's the home of "Austin City Limits" and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but I went there a little while back and I wanted to eat some pizza. I was there with some pals who were pretty not stoked on eating pizza in Austin. I managed to eat at some pizza vendor outside of a show at Beerland, and at East Side Pies. First of all, as a bonus, East Side Pies is next to a slamming record store that just opened (I don't know what it's called) where I scored some killer records (this does not affect my review). I guess East Side Pies is new too, and I was feeling it. First of all the pizza is a variant on the New York style flat pie, basically it's a little thinner. It has cornmeal on the bottom, which I normally am not feeling, but they managed to get a perfect amount on there, and combined with the thinner crust it adds a nice crunch to the pie. The sauce was average, the cheese good, and the price right. It had a solid vibe and they were jamming some good tunes inside. Dudes were nice, and the place delivers. For you toppings freaks out there East Side Pies has some bizzaro toppings/sauces that looked good (and I normally don't like that bullshit). Overall solid Texas flom, maybe next time I'll have more to report from down south. Four Stars

(512) 524-0933
1401 Rosewood Avenue
Austin, TX

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Christian said...

Hey man, great blog! You're doing what I'm aspiring to do here in Austin and all over. If you're ever in back in ATX, holla. I've had east side pies just once, and it was greasy goodness.