Saturday, July 5, 2008

Portland Pizza Review: The Mississippi Pizza Pub

Sam writes in from the West Coast...

Hi all... I just started a full U.S. tour with my band, so I'll be bringing you guys reviews from this fine country of ours along the way. After we woke up today everyone wanted to get breakfast, but when we pulled up to the breakfast spot I remembered that a) Mississippi Pizza was a couple blocks away and b) the breakfast place we were going to was breakfast only... ie eggs... I hate eggs. Anyway, I walked down to Mississippi Pizza and picked up a cheese slice and a pepperoni, sausage and bacon slice. Because it was Tuesday I scored the Tuesday lunch special: two slices and a soda for $5. The slice style was typical for a West coast "NYC" styled pie. The crust was great. It had cornmeal on the bottom of the slice, which gave it some nice additional flavor without being overwhelming. The sauce and cheese were pretty good too. I guess my only complaint was that crust was a little thin and a touch overcooked. Four Stars

See more pictures of The Mississippi Pizza Pub here.

(503) 288-3231
3552 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97227


Anonymous said...

it doesn't look from photo that it was over cooked.and the "cornmeal" is a non artisan bread baking thing not a pizza thing fuckin matter how many greek lebanese or any other "pizza places" use it to cook with. corn is used to feed farm animals in europe,not to make your pizza on. O,so if you use cornmeal to make pizza , "the bottom will burn" or how do you get it off the peel wise guy" or any other bull shit gebberish, your home wk.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous; you are wrong!

Despite your obvious lack of basic education or indeed, intelligence;
I would suggest you write comments related to a subject you may know something about.

The dining preferences of European farm animals..?

I'm sure you're a veritable fountainhead of information on the subject.

Anonymous said...

To the second 'Anonymous' posting.

Thank you for putting this clown back in his box.